Flexible Automated Collection System FACS

Ontario Systems Corporation's Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS) gives ICS Collection Service,

Inc. an unsurpassed advantage to work accounts "smarter," more efficiently and more effectively. FACS has a modular architecture that allows ICS to customize system capabilities per each client's demands. ICS uses a windows based collection screen which interfaces with the web to allow our staff accurate and easy access to MULTIPLE SKIPTRACING TOOLS! FAC System also uses action response codes and client specific scripts. If a client wants their accounts worked to exact specifications our system can be programmed to meet the client’s requests.

CLICK HERE to see a demonstration of Skiptracing Tools.



Verified contacts allows for a direct connect between the intended party and the collection representative. Outbound phone calls are placed using TEXT to SPEECH software which pronounces the intended parties name. The party is given multiple options to verify themselves and then the call is transferred to a live representative. The personalized messaging helps to increase both inbound and outbound connects and that means more collections for our clients.

CLICK HERE to see a demonstration of Verified Contacts.



ICS uses Artiva Manager to monitor and manage our dialing systems. Artiva manager allows our staff to accurately measure the effectiveness of our calling campaigns and strategies. Information is available at the click of a mouse. We can also monitor our staff and coach them while they are actively on an account.

CLICK HERE to see a demonstration of Artiva Manager.


In addition to Verified contacts, ICS also uses interactive voice responses or IVR. ICS can provide and obtain information 24 hours a day, as well as take payments thru our IVR. ICS also uses an integrated voice response or IVR to assist after hour phone calls. All phone calls are recorded and available to our clients via an email.


ICS uses data warehouse and this allows us to customize a report for our clients in the exact format they request. ICS has many reports already available thru our FACS software but we can also customize our FACS reports in the manner you staff finds appropriate. Data warehouse is used internally to improve reporting and analytics which result in more effective workflows and an elevated business intelligence.

CLICK HERE to see a demonstration of Data Warehouse.


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