Services Offered

ICS is a full service debt collection agency specializing in doctor collections and hospital collections. ICS has provided collection services for 70 years. ICS also provides precollect letter services and wide array of specialized collection services. ICS has invested in advanced collection technology. Click here for more information

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions

Extended Business Office: ICS offers precollect interactive messaging to inbound outbound call center solutions. Each service can be customized and scaled to meet our clients specific needs and goals. The end result is collecting more money faster and decreasing your cost of collections. Click here for more information

Precollect Messaging: Ideal for smaller physicians groups or billing companies, ICS can create customized consumer friendly messages and calling campaigns to reach your patients and transfer their calls directly to your office. Your staff will get more calls back and resolve more accounts faster and with less expense.

Bad Debt Collection: Self pay and balance after insurance accounts are referred after EBO projects or once your direct efforts are exhausted. ICS representatives are trained to handle these accounts in accordance with your groups financial assistance guidelines. Resolving the account balance fairly with your patient helps to preserve our client's reputation as well as collecting the monies they are entitled to.

2nd Placed Collections & Special Project Collections: If your medical group recalls accounts from an agency and refers them to a 2nd agency, ICS has the capability to do the detailed work it takes to collect debt where others have not. ICS has successfully completed Special Collection Projects for one time referrals with several clients over the years.

Third Party Claims: ICS has a separate third party claims management team of experienced insurance and legal account specialists. Problematic insurance denials, personal injury, and worker’s compensation claims require specialized tactics and handling. ICS employs experienced specialists in each of these areas to handle your accounts effectively and recover your monies. We can also handle billing requests thru our medical billing department.

Collection Litigation: ICS has a legal team to handle client authorized litigation. Legal remedies and representation have always been a necessity in recovering unpaid accounts. ICS has an experienced collection law firm to handle your accounts effectively and represent your collection accounts in accordance with all state and federal laws and . from lawsuits, to estate, bankruptcy and special cases, ICS attorneys have over 30 years of experience in handling collection accounts.

Commercial Collections

Municipalities: ICS collects receivables for several Midwest municipalities. Municipal collections include police tickets, parking tickets, property damage claims, and unpaid business fees or fines.

Educational Institutions: ICS collects receivables for unpaid school registration fees for school districts including both High School and Elementary Schools. We have also collected unpaid school tuition for my private schools.

Business to Business: ICS can pursue individual business accounts owed to your business. We have the successfully handled this debt on an individual account basis. Your receivables are important to cash flow of your business no matter how small the account.

Utility Collections: ICS will collect on water bills and service fees owed to municipalities and counties.

Bank Loans: Financial institutions with unpaid deficiencies on auto, home equity, personal guarantee loans, can turn to ICS for help when their resources are limited.


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